• 1950 Knabe “Mignonette” Console

    Knabe was the piano of the Metropolitan Opera for 70 years and singers loved it. This one has an especially beautiful case, with mirror pattern burl walnut veneer, and a lovely sweet sound. I’ve done a lot of work to bring it back! $1700

  • 1950 Chickering 5′ Quarter Grand

    Chickering 5′ Quarter Grand, made in 1950.  Baby grand with classic “deco”style case in beautiful mahogany immaculately refinished by Chulo’s Piano Refinishing of Yonkers NY in 2018.  This little piano has also been completely rebuilt with a new pinblock, strings, and keys, and the action has been feshly regulated and voiced.  It has a lovely […]

  • 1950’s Steinway Hepplewaite 40″ Console

    1950’s Steinway Heppelwaite 40″ Console.  The classic Steinway look, with a reconditioned mahogany case and real ivory keys.  With its action cleaned up and regulated, and the terrific mellow Steinway sound, this little piano would make an ideal beginner piano but is also suitable for an intermediate player.  They stopped making these almost 40 years […]