• 1939 Eavestaff Art Deco spinet

    This wonderful Art Deco spinet was made under license from the British company Eavestaff in 1939  by the well-known New York piano manufacturer Hardman Peck .  It is called a “Minipiano” and is unique in being only 18″ deep and closing up to look like a writing desk  .   This one is in largely […]

  • 2005 Boston Studio Upright

    This piano was designed and sold by Steinway , and is in absolutely immaculate condition . Literally like new . [selling for over $12,000]  It has been freshly tuned and regulated , and would be suitable for a serious pianist . $4000  

  • 1920 Steinway “V”

    I have just completed redoing this wonderful 1920 Steinway “V” [for Vertigrand] upright.  These were made for a relatively short time from the late 19teens until the mid 1930’s , and were Steinway’s early version of a “studio” upright, being only 48″ tall. This particular piano is notable for having a perfect soundboard , and […]


    1938 KNABE SYMETRIGRAND  This piano is just the last word in Art Deco magnificence . My wonderful refinisher dod the most gorgeous ebony lacquer job on it imaginable. He  even redid the plain lid into a “Butterfly” configuration , which was the last word in 1938 chic. The piano itself is a 5′ baby grand  […]