1939 Eavestaff Art Deco spinet

  • front shot open
  • full name keys
  • R  3-4 closed

This wonderful Art Deco spinet was made under license from the British company Eavestaff in 1939  by the well-known New York piano manufacturer Hardman Peck .  It is called a “Minipiano” and is unique in being only 18″ deep and closing up to look like a writing desk  .   This one is in largely original condition , with a little case facelift .  It is tuned to A440  , concert pitch and has a surprisingly decent sound for such a tiny piano.  It  would be fine for light use , or to teach a small child on, but is not  suitable for serious piano practicing, being basically an antique spinet , [  A bench or stool will be included] ] $1500

front shot open R 3-4 closedfull name keys