1949 “Piannino” Steinway 45″ Upright

This is a “Piannino”, the rare early version of the famous 45″ upright which is still in manufacture today (and costs $30,000). Structurally it’s exactly the same piano, but in a Deco case, as befits its 1949 build date. I have just reconditioned the case and cleaned, repaired, and polished the original ivory keys.

I have also replaced its original rather worn out hammers with new custom-bore Abels, and done a complete action and keybed regulation.  The soundboard is perfect. Between that and those excellent hammers, the piano has a truly remarkable tone.  You will never find a modern Steinway upright that sounds like this. Worth a trip just to play it! I got the best matching bench available  . Asking $7000