April 2021

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  • 1949 “Piannino” Steinway 45″ Upright


    This is a “Piannino”, the rare early version of the famous 45″ upright which is still in manufacture today (and costs $30,000). Structurally it’s exactly the same piano, but in a Deco case, as befits its 1949 build date. I have just reconditioned the case and cleaned, repaired, and polished the original ivory keys. I […]

  • 1965 Steinway Console


     1965 Steinway Console in immaculate original condition. It’s a one owner piano, with a French polished case and the original Steinway matching bench. I have carefully regulated the keybed and action, which is zippy quick, especially for this type of piano. In spite of its pretty furniture, this little piano has a surprising bigtime […]