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  • Steinway 45″ Studio Upright


    Serial # 418358, made in the late 1960’s , this is a real “low mileage” piano. It looks great, works great, and sounds great. It’s the 3-pedal model with a true sostenuto.  The walnut case is beautiful, and has the original matching bench.  This model sells for over $30,000 new, so it’s a great bargain […]

  • 1920 Steinway “V”


    I have just completed redoing this wonderful 1920 Steinway “V” [for Vertigrand] upright.  These were made for a relatively short time from the late 19teens until the mid 1930’s , and were Steinway’s early version of a “studio” upright, being only 48″ tall. This particular piano is notable for having a perfect soundboard , and […]



    1938 KNABE SYMETRIGRAND  This piano is just the last word in Art Deco magnificence . My wonderful refinisher dod the most gorgeous ebony lacquer job on it imaginable. He  even redid the plain lid into a “Butterfly” configuration , which was the last word in 1938 chic. The piano itself is a 5′ baby grand  […]

  • 1939 Steinway Console


    This piano was raised from the dead, having been in an abandoned house for years. I restrung it, installed new hammers, dampers, springs, etc, refurbished the ivory keys, and reconditioned the case.  It lives again, and has a really nice sound   $3500

  • 1930’s Baldwin “M” 5’1″ Baby Grand


    1930’s  Baldwin “M” 5’1″ baby grand; Beloved by jazz musicians and the featured piano of the Cotton Club, [and later, Liberace] Baldwins were noted for their power and the crystalline brilliance of their treble. This little grand had been a speakeasy piano in its earliest years, and I rescued it from filth and a hideous […]

  • 1990 Kawai Studio Upright


    This is a 1990 Kawai studio upright that looks like a console [the case was designed to be “livingroom friendly”]. It is in absolutely immaculate condition  , and actually has a very nice sound  , not harsh or tinny .  Terrific piano for someone who needs a piano they can really practice on —- .  […]